Regular 正價  - Contemporary Choral Music 當代合唱音樂沙龍 II - 2015.06.20
Regular 正價  - Contemporary Choral Music 當代合唱音樂沙龍 II - 2015.06.20

Regular 正價 - Contemporary Choral Music 當代合唱音樂沙龍 II - 2015.06.20

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Choral music has long been considered as a foreign artefact that came to Asia over a century ago. After years of experimentation and assimilation, composers have developed unique solutions to the tension between the vernacular language and the western functional harmony.

In celebration of its 15th anniversary, Hong Kong Voices presents the second concert of Contemporary Choral Music series, bringing forth works by four Asian composers. Inspirations are drawn from various Chinese and Western literature—Daodejing, Song Dynasty lyric poems ci, mystic medieval poetry, modern classics by Robert Frost and H. C. Andersen—, as well as Chinese and Japanese folk tunes. Come join us for a soirée of poetry and contemporary music!


Richard Tsang (b. 1952) (HK)
Rumengling (As a Dream) (1979) 如夢令
October (1987) 十月

George Lam (b. 1981) (HK/USA)
Carmina Burana (2015) 布蘭詩歌 (HKV commission, world premiere)

Chen Yi (b. 1953) (China/USA)
Xuan (2001) 玄
Fengyang Song / The Flowing Stream, from A Set of Chinese Folk Songs (1994) 鳳陽歌 / 小河淌水,選自《中國民歌合唱十首》
Sakura, Sakura (1999) 櫻花

Ko Matsushita (b. 1962) (Japan)
Ave Maria (1999) 聖母頌
The Last Song of a Poet (2008) 一詩人の最後の歌
Kotoshi (2006) 今年

Concert Duration: Approximately 70 minutes (No intermission)

20 June 2015 18:30
Recital Theatre, China Congregational Church, Causeway Bay
銅鑼灣 中華基督教會公理堂 演奏廳
Conductor: Grace Chiang
指揮 :蔣頌恩
For ages 5 or above 音樂會招待五歲或以上人士
Free seatings 不設劃位

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